baddpizza‘s Half-Baked Frozen 18″ Pie

We’re makin’ it…you just finish bakin’ it!


Don’t limit yourself to grocery store frozen pizza anymore! baddpizza is now offering our classic 18″ pie “half-baked” then frozen ready to reheat at your convenience. We want to give our customers the flexibility to plan ahead on their busiest days!  Our Half-Baked gives you the option to pick up your pizza early and finish the cooking in your oven so you have piping hot baddpizza exactly when you want it!

The Half-Baked Frozen Pie is available to order and pick-up at the Falls Church & South Riding locations only. You can place pick-up orders for your half-baked online, by phone, or in-store. Place your order by Sunday night and your Half-Baked pie will be ready for pickup by Tuesday.


  • You must place your order by mid-night on Sundays to secure your order for the upcoming Tuesday / Wednesday pickup.
  • Your 18″ Pie is half-baked, cooled, & cut in half. Each half is carefully wrapped and the two halves are stacked and stored in our half-pizza box before being placed in our freezer. We package it this way to make it easier for you store it in your freezer and to give you the option to reheat only half of our huge 18″ pie at a time (if so desired).
  • Below are instructions on how to finish preparing your Half-Baked (also included with your order):
The Half-Baked Cooking Instructions

  1. Remove packaging from one or both half pies.
  2. Place your frozen half pie(s) on baking sheet(s).
  3. Broil 8-10 minutes (on Hi) on the lowest rack.
  4. For a crispier crust, remove from the tray for the last 2 minutes and place directly on the rack.

For best results prepare within 14 days

For questions, call the store or email us at