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How many times have you heard, “There’s no good pizza around here.”?

When you mix a chicken wing eating champion with a 25-year pizza-making master, you get baddpizza | wings.

Proprietor Joel Salamone grew up in the town that invented the chicken wing. As well-known as Buffalo, NY is for its delicious wings, its “Cup & Char” pizza style is also a coveted local treasure. In fact, the pizza in Buffalo is so good that as a child Joel would mow his grandparents’ lawn and refuse the cash offered; insisting on being paid in pizza instead.

After moving to the DC area in 1999, he discovered that finding delicious pizza and crispy wings was next to impossible. He set out to solve this problem and in 2018 collaborated with an authoritative pizza veteran to establish baddpizza | wings.

Why the name baddpizza | wings?

Steven Houck, best known as “Stevie Badd,” is the namesake behind the company. Stevie has worked in the Buffalo pizza and wing industry for over 25 years serving up hundreds of thousands of pies, and literally millions of wings. With decades of experience working for one of the most famous Western NY pizza and wing joints, it’s only fitting that a pizza empire is named after you.

baddpizza | wings…DELICIOUSLY BADD.

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